Friday, 12 April 2013

The Fish King

Little drawing I kinda rushed for a competition on the Multiversity Comics website.
They asked artists for their own interpretation of Abe Sapien, an all-time fav of mine.

I was in the middle of inking Dave's story and I found out about the competition like, 2 days before the submissions closing date, but the opportunity was too big to pass coz they had Dark Horse editor Scott Allie (a guy with a GREAT taste in comics) and Mike Mignola (a guy with a GREAT taste in... everything) personally pick the winner.

Didnt care much about winning, but I REALLY wanted Scoot and Mike to look at my stuff (coz seriously, when else am I gonna show those guys my work?), and decide I was the best thing ever, and become best friends, and gimme all the comic jobs that exists.

Somehow that didnt happen. Probably coz a)the piece was rushed b)the other artists involved blew me away

Oh well. 



So, remember the pencils shown here not too long ago? Well, these are the inks.

The writer, Mr. Dave Hendrick, seemed quite pleased with the result, so yeah, theres that.

Inked from bluelines printed on smooth Bristol with brush, nibs, pens and whatever else gets the job done.

I have to say, I DONT completely hate'em, which is not uncommon.

Also, Im preparing layouts for a short superhero sequence for portfolio review, in preparation of the next comic conventions season. Ideally, it shouldnt take too long and Id be able to post stuff soon.

But again, ideally I should be working in the field right now, so yeah, theres that...

Feeling a bit grumpy today. Got absolutely NOTHING to do with this great, fun short story, I swear ;)
Mr. Hendrick, if you read this, thanx again for the trust and the countless pats on my back ;)


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Who watches the watchmen?

Hey, it's Watchmen week down at Nerd Invasion blog, and my piece -as usual- is here.