Sunday, 15 September 2013

More New Stuff

So, been pretty busy with making non-pages recently. Most of my output were illustrations for prints, posters and covers, PLUS a dream project of mine, 2 exploitation movie-inspired sleazy pin-ups for a Dark Horse book (!!!!!) written by the amazing Alex De Campi: Grindhouse.

Doing these 2 was particularly brilliant, since I could feel how years of unconditional love for anything B and '70s were finally paying off.

First one is inspired by Italian Giallos, with even the title being a personal injoke about how after the first seven movies by Dario Argento the genre imploded already, followed by a last wave of minor but definitely enjoyable (in youre into that kind of shit) sleazy nudie flicks.

The second is more Cormanesque in its mood, the main idea being a prostitute abused and left for dead by a gang of ex-con in the Lousiana bayou who gets her revenge by meat cleaver and... alligators!

Then here's a small teaser for a BIG project coming soon from the Irish O'Brien Press. Cant say much at the moment BUT a full reveal will take place in a panel at the next DICE Convention in Dublin, on Sept. the 28th. also, prints from which this teaser illo is taken will be available for sale, I believe.

At the same convention Darrin O'Toole -the writer of the GLIMMER MAN book I just drew- and I will also be selling prints of the characters. 2 designs available; the one from the cover of issue 1 (which, BTW, proved SO popular):

And one with a completely original design (with one of the pages from issue 1 as a sort of abstract-looking/pop-artesque background):

That is truly all, I believe, coming back soon with actual pages to show for another pet project of mine..

fingers crossed, except right thumb and index. Need those to draw ;)

Over and out,

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New old stuff

Been so taken with finishing Glimmer Man #1 lately (again, the book is out on Atomic Diner Press and you can find it for now at Sub-City Comics in Dublin) that I forgot to post colored pages from my short story (whic I also wrote) published in the 3rd issue of Lightning Strike magazine, of which I also drew the cover.

The book has been out of a while now so I dont think its gonna be a problem to post these.

This is my first double-page spread for the story, pages 3 and 4. Open in new tab for bigger view.

Story/art/colors/lettering by me. if youre interested in the book, drop them a line on Twitter at @LsComics or on their Facebook page here:

BONUS: added the cover to the same LS issue, sans logo. Hope ya dig it.



Sunday, 1 September 2013

Finally! PAGES!!

In what is starting to look like a suspiciously recurring pattern, Im back after a long absence. And to prove that I havent slacked around like the lazy bastard everybody seems to think I am, heres -finally- the first 3 pages from the project that I have been working on for this whole summer (and planning since even earlier) that I couldnt show until, basically, yesterday.

The book is GLIMMER MAN #1, written by Darrin "dashing" O'Toole, edited and supervised by Rob "ravishing" Curley and drawn and lettered by "marvelous" me.

What the guys wanted to achieve with the book was the genesis of a new kind of Irish superhero, respectful of the Lee/Kirby tradition but at the same time 100% historically accurate for a change. Darrin and Rob researched a LOT of WWII facts and anecdotes revolving around the overlooked role of Ireland in the last war, and I want to believe that I did my part of the job in illustrating it with a style that in my vision wanted to be nostalgic but "messed up" by a more modern inking. Posterity will judge if I failed miserably or kept my promises.

The previews are unlettered, so if you want to know what the funny people are saying you still have to buy the book in Sub City Comics in Dublin, you cheap bastards you ;) Open them in a new tab for a bigger preview.

Should be distributed soon in the UK too, Im told. I'll let you know when that happens.

Over and out, and hopefully be back soon.