Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dots and Rockets

HUGE fan of the Hernandez Bros, and yet I couldnt come up with a better tagline...


Heres the 5 pages for a short story written by @AdlaiM that I really enjoyed myself doing. Even took the opportunity to experiment a bit on a new distressed halftone technique, a honour I usually bestow only to the finest of projects.

No pencils this times, I inked directly from print size layouts, a process i found interesting, even if a bit more time-consuming than my usual thumbnailing. But thats just coz Im not used to visualise story-telling at that size right away. DEF wanna try it again.

Pentel brushpen on Bristol, couple of new supercool Kuretake markers, and too much Photoshop.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Half Past Tribute!

Been a while, I know...

Havent been slacking off, I SWEAR. But more on that later.

For now, heres a piece I did for The Half Past Danger Tribute week organised by the HUGELY talented dudes of the Sketch Paddys blog, to celebrate the week leading to the launch of the VERY promising Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney, on IDW.

Anyway, here it is!

Right-click and open on separate layer for the bigger deal.

blue lead, Pentel brush pen on Bristol and quite more photoshoppin' that usual ;)

Going back to do layouts now.

Cant wait to read HPD! ORDER IT NOW!!!


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Final OHOTMU entry: Scourge!

And heres my final entry for the OHOTMU Redux project. The names Scourge, not really familiar with the guy at all. Only thing I seem to remember, he appeared as a mystery villain towards the end of the original Busiek/Bagley Thunderbolts run quite some time ago, with different costume and powers.

Since I didnt know the character well (I admit I picked him simply for the pulpy "Shadow" feel hes got) there was nothing too smart or creative I could do with the look, so I decided to use it more as a Photoshop exercise/practice than a proper drawing one.

Thats it, basically. Played around with layers and stuff and I have to say, Im quite happier with the overall result than with the drawing itself, I have to say.

Heres the scanned original, just to give you an idea of how much was on the pae and how much was done digitally (not too much, as usual):

THANX again to the wonderful Jon Morris for having me for this project. It was FUN!


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OHOTMU - Baron Blood

My fourth (count them!) contribution for the more and more amazing Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux project. If you never heard of it, first of all go read all my previous entries in which I talk about it, and then check it out but only when youre not under deadline coz, I guarantee you, you WILL spend hours unable to click away.


This time is a classic Captain America villain, from the Kirby period -I think: Baron Blood, the nazi vampire!

OF COURSE the first impulse was to indulge in the whole "Indiana-Jones'-nazis-adventure" kind of trope, but then I caught a glimpse of his bio and it said he was a Victorian gentleman and Im a huge fan of Hammer movies, so yeah -bye bye WWII nazi, welcome Phantom of The Opera with a Venice Carnival bat mask guy (also had a cool idea about the same mask for a Batman story, but I have a feeling thats gonna sit in my drawer for a loooong time).