Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Portfolio pages - JSA

...and here's the DC team I chose for the second sequence of the portfolio:

JSA. Or, at least, one of its many many incarnations. I immediately thought of the JSA for the DC side of the portfolio coz it's a team from the 40s, which is by itself already awesome, and the look of some of the original members is just a vintage orgasm. When researching I realized the characters who have fought in the team were FAR too many to be all included, so I decided to leave out heroes with too similar powers or general look (so goodbye The Spectre and Doc Midnite, and hello Dr. Fate and Hourman), and the most famous ones, like Green Lantern or Wonder Woman.

Oh, well, anyway.

Again, pencils of Bristol.

More stuff, hopefully, soon.


Portfolio Pages - Daredevil

Been retreating for what seems like a HUGE amount of time to prepare a new portfolio (never get enough of those) for the DICE convention in Dublin at the end of this month.

Following advice I heard at a Joe Quesada panel, I decided to organize the whole thing in 3 mini-sequences of 3-4 pages each, to have a total of 12 pages, which by all accounts sounds just reasonable for a portfolio. Quesada was saying he used to divide his in "single character" stories and "team" stories, to show a more diverse variety of action and storytelling. I decided to follow that, doing a Marvel single character, a DC team and a sci-fi/horror thing for the third sequence, to tackle more Vertigo/2000AD adult themes.

So, heres my choice for the Marvel sequence: 3 pages of.. Daredevil! With a re-designed costume!

As usual, pencils on Bristol.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

He ain't talkin' no jive!!

...or some other cool expression from the '70s. What the hell do I know, I was born in '82...

Anyway, the '70s galore continues, and this time its Luke Cage, who I guess nobody would have EVER imagined how important he became within Marvel.

Way to go, Power Man!

Anyway: pencils, inks and digital colors.

Also, can anybody explain to me what "jive" means?


"Werewolf by Night!"

One of my fav comic series of all times. Up there with Colan's "Tomb of Dracula" and Romita Sr's Daredevil run.

I think the first 5-6 issues, drawn by Mike Ploog, might be the BEST and most underrated thing Marvel put out in the 70s.

Anyway, heres my shitty tribute.

Used: a new AMAZING mechanical pencil, brushpen and a good 25 mins of Photoshoppin'.